Sunday, October 21, 2012


Are often too short.  Had a pretty nice weekend this weekend,.... Friday we lounged, and I got to be extra lazy only doing a few things around the house.  Hubby went and picked kids up and even dropped the girls off for the football game.  Was really nice not having to run around like a crazy mom.  We stayed up watching TV,... was just very relaxing. 

Saturday I woke fairly early,... it's still sleeping in if it's past 6:30,... but 6:50?? Could've done a LITTLE better!?! LOL  I knew I needed to get up though,... house to clean, had to get ready as we were taking Jess and her friend to the movies.

Crawled out of bed, dogs were already in kennels,.... headed to the bathroom and started getting cleaned up and ready to go.  Took the dogs out and then started in on the housework.  Woke hubby and Jess at 9 and by then I had had a lot done.  Once they were awake, I vacuumed,... then did my hair and off we went by 10:30. 

Dropped the girls off to see Frankenweenie.... yup.  Weirdos.  All the good scary/gory movies out and that's what they wanted to see LOL 

We went to Hobby Lobby! I bought BEADS!! I'm going to attempt to make what's called a Nepal bracelet,.... I wasn't sure I was getting the right stuff,... as my noted instructions weren't very clear after all.  Asking for a top stitch thread from these people,... they had NO clue.  So,... I guessed.  Hopefully it will work, I think it will.

We then went to the mall,.... got coffee and an apple tart from the Barnes & Noble Starbucks,... wandered the mall a bit,.... got hubby a couple new tshirts from Hot Topic :o)  Went back through Barnes and Noble and I found a book on crotchet beaded jewelry.  Had the bracelet I'm wanting to make, plus much more!! YAY!! It was PERFECT,... so got it,....  I can't wait to start creating!!!

Picked the girls up, they enjoyed the movie :o) Headed home and I started in cleaning a bit more,... the stuff that the kids (Sydney and Geoffery) didn't get done properly,... started food,.... baked ziti,.... had garlic bread and I baked a cheese cake for dessert,... that's what Jessica wanted :o)

It was really nice, Gina and family came over and we ate and enjoyed the evening,... felt like we'd not seen them like that in FOREVER.  Everyone's so busy with work and kids and all.  Missed my cousin :o) 

Jess got boots the other night,.... and we gave her a $50 Visa card,... she is dying to shop online for stuff LOL  She got a $25 Amazon card from Gina & family,.... so,.. ALL kinds of online shopping now!!  Grandma (my mom) got her a really pretty celtic moon necklace,... VERY pretty.  I think she's had a pretty good birthday :o) Still hard to believe she's 18. 

Today, I'm going to throw in a load of laundry or two,... kids need showers and such,... gotta figure out what I wanna fix for dinner.  BUT! for now I'm going to pull out all the bead stuff and see if I can't get started without too much interruption.  *pokes dogs*

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

18 Already!?!?

Where does the time go??? It seems like just yesterday I was snuggling my new baby girl. My sweet baby Jessica Lynn. Now today she is 18 and in a matter of months she will graduate High School. Wow. I'm old.

I feel so lucky that *knock on wood* we've never had any major kid issues!! No broken bones, ER visits for broken noses, no visits to the principle, no crawling into the house at 2am glazed over. Granted, we still have 2 more kids to get through but I'm feeling pretty darned blessed. We have wonderful, smart, sweet kids.

Happy Birthday Jessica. I can't wait to see what the next 18 years bring!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Nothing is ever perfect. The grass is never really greener. Life is what you make of it.

It can be great, boring, fun or sad. I've had a little of all. I've been sad enough that I needed to walk away. Back then I didn't know if it was the right decision or not. I was scared. I worried about things I wasn't sure I could control or fix. I just did what in my heart I felt I had to do.

I can look back on those days. I can remember making myself sick with stress. Not being able to eat. Just feeling so young, alone and unsure.

The changes I made weren't just good for me, they were good for my kids too. I'm forever grateful for what I have now. Even when the days don't seem so perfect. They may not be perfect right then, but I think I have plenty of almost perfect days to make up for the ones that aren't.

Just feeling fortunate tonight.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

All Cleaned Out!

Yesterday I spent cleaning youngest boy room. It took me from about 10am until after 4 to have it CLEAN and organized. During that time I got one load of laundry done. Bleh. Once his room was clean, I fixed us easy dinner of hotdogs. I had a salad.

Cousin came over and brought me a big sonic milkshake. Mmm!! Did her nails all pretty. Really need to do mine!!

Checked on the kids and poor Sydney thought her room was almost done lol uhhhh okay???? She got upset. I've already taken her Xbox and laptop. Cellphone was next. She said I may as well just take it then. After cousin left I saw her light was out. So I went into check on her. She was curled up on the bed had been crying. I felt bad. She was beyond frustrated. I said "come on let's do this, I'll help and we'll get it done in no time!" "No just forget it...." Lol I started in cleaning. Told her I would help. So she got up and we put a good dent in things. Told her we would finish the rest tomorrow.

I ended up watching all 4 Revolution episodes I'd DVRd and it was 1am when I turned the light out! Dang!!

About 4-4:30 I woke to rain pouring down!! It was blowing right up against our bedroom windows. I fell back to sleep eventually, the woke when hubby called as he was pulling in. **yawn**

Got him food, peed dogs and fell into bed. Slept a bit off and on. Got up and fixed coffee. Kids were in and out and finally I started more laundry and got into Sydney's room. It was about 10am when we started? And finished probably about 3-3:30. She still has a few bits to do but she got her stuff back.

I still have a ton more laundry to do, but thankfully I have tomorrow too! Lol with little interruption as well.

Right now though, I am so over cleaning. I should scrub my bathroom. Kids need to do theirs. I'm going to try and really go through stuff between now and the holidays. Goodwill things, Poshmark things. Just get rid of some stuff!! Get the house organized!! One day at a time.

I think I'll read for a bit now 😊

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just One Of The Kids

This will be another long winded posting I'm sure.

Since I'm not working now. And I am over the whole mess with the salon owner I worked with. I think it has left a bad taste in my mouth for sure. I know I'm good at what I do though. If it comes down to it I'll jump back in.

I got a call from the lady from the hospital job I interviewed for. The Dr hasn't gotten licensed for AR yet so all jobs are on hold right now. May not be until after Dec. I guess that's okay. Holidays are so busy!! Just sure do want this job. I love medical work.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. The girls are forever busy. Jess did the chili cookoff with a couple friends. Their chili was GOOD too!! I was very disappointed they didn't win. I was there with Geoff from about 10-1:30. Sydney was there at 7 to pass out water to runners. They had a 5k. We wandered around and ate and listened to music. Charlsy, Abby and Brandon played. Did a great job. At one point I was sitting on a curb and on each side of me I had Sydney's friends. I felt like such a kid lol really was rather funny. I am glad they feel so comfortable to be around me like that. Proud of both my girls because they talk to me about anything. I hope that never changes.

Last night we went to watch the Sr play that Jess was in. Her character was amongst the lead roles. She did a wonderful job. Very proud of her. Maybe I'll figure out how to add pics from my phone here and add them in.

After that, we came home and ate then went back to the football game. Just in time for half time to watch Sydney march. I recorded all 4 songs they did. This year they're doin Michael Jackson stuff.

Well. Today has been cleaning day. All I've done is Geoffs room. Not quite finished so gonna go get after it.

Maybe I can do better blogging. As always, no promises.