Monday, March 14, 2005

Very Cool!!

You might remember the "Secret Santa" sort of deal that I had posted about back in February?? The Great International Secret Blog Exchange that ViVi & Tracey hosted.

I was surprised with my pkg today!!

What you are seeing here is all from Uganda of all places!! Here are some facts about Uganda if you're interested.....
My "Secret Blogger" was
Deanna. I want to thank her very much, as the items she sent are very unique to the country and very well thought out. I just love it all!!!
Now, for some info on the items, as per her letter enclosed :o)

1. Uganda coffee (the country's top export) ".... Hopefully still fresh smelling and delicious!" I will say that it smells WONDERFUL!!! And we will have to give it a try this weekend and I will let you know how yummy it is!!

2. Bracelet, made from horn.

3. Carving of Masai tribesmen

4. Change purse, woven from dried banana leaves

5. Uganda Waragi, the national booze! "It tastes a lot like gin, and is good mixed with the same things: tonic, sprite, lemonade, juice's etc...." Again, we will have to let you know what we think, I'm sure my hubby will like to try this one!!

Again, my biggest thanks!! Such a wonderful surprise and such a terrific assortment of goodies!!

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